Color Coordination

Here are a few tips for choosing a colour theme:

Have a copy of your invitations with you, and be guided by the design.

Using a single colour yields the boldest and most striking result. You can see our balloon colours in the “Colour chart” section.

DSC00015C(1) DSC00065A DSC00069(1)  Railway Hotelc

Red Room at Federation Square 02  Mini arches Table centrepieces 3

Clear balloons are not a waste, quite the contrary!

Clear Balloons in Langham hotel 09  Clear Balloons in Langham hotel 05

Using 2 colours which are not dissimilar can give a wonderful result.

Bouncing LOL arch aND LOL columns 03 Bouncing LOL arch aND LOL columns 04 Bouncing LOL arch aND LOL columns 02

Using balloons from different finishes breaks the principle of unity in design, and is not recommended. Like all principles, it can be overridden in order to bring some wanted effects. For example, Fashion White, or Fashion Black may be used with other colours, if whiteness or blackness is an absolute requirement.

Using 2 tones of a single colour gives a wonderfully pleasant look.

DSC00001 Resize of DSC00119DSC00035

It is possible to use 3 tones or more in a few colours.

DSC00003 LOLStars09s

Using 2 complementary colours is fine if you want a colourful decor like purple and yellow or gold.

Pamela Alphalloon sign on LOL rafter 04(1) Balloon stickman sculpture3

If the balloons of the different colours are different size, it looks very nice.

DSC00018 DSC00006 DSC00009

The small balloons can be in a different colour without making the display gaudy.


Using 2 unrelated colours like purple and green can also look so nice if one of the 2 colours is deep and the other light, such as Fashion Purple and Fashion Lime Green.

Using 3 colours is not so bad, provided that  they are all either primary  or secondary colours.

Re-exposure of Colourful LOL arches 1

Using more colours will only result in a festive look, without any pretense at looking elegant. However this is exactly the effect that many clients want. So we offer the 6 colours of the rainbow.

Balloon colours. Rainbow of various balloon finishes.

By default we use Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple in the Metallic, Standard Fashion and Crystal ranges.


Metallic Rainbow colours        Fashion Rainbow colours      Crystal rainbow colours

We can even add a Magenta for good measure, for girls parties. Our Light Fashion ranges consists of: Fuchsia, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Fashion Blue and Lilac.

For the Pastel and Pearl ranges, we use Pink, Apricot, Yellow, Green, Blue and Lilac.

Pastel Rainbow colours   Pearl Rainbow colours

If you want various tones and tints, you will need to specify the exact colour names to us. We have not in the past, and will not in the future use the practice of “flogging” balloon colours because we have balloon stocks past they useful life. Although we sell bagged unfilled balloons in “assorted colours”, we never use Assortment in inflated balloons. The proportions in the colours are always intentional, not random, therefore you will need to tell us the number in each colour, if you want to get even proportions for each colour.

We give several examples of decor using Pastel balloons. The light colours can blend with a wonderful effect.


Randomness can be such fun:

Multicoloured balloon sign File0575

If we can separate the colours, it creates a great room effect without the gaudiness.

Balloon umbrella Tablecentre

Swirls balloon tablecenters     Offset Rainbow Balloon Arches


Balloon Atolls on the ceiling Mothers Day Balloon Display

If the colours must be mixed, we can still make the decor meaningful to the mind by exact duplication of a sequence.

Pearl balloons

Making patterns can give fantastic results:

Tubular balloon arch with a surpriseLOL tubular arch for Hallam bypass 03(1)LOL tubular arch for Hallam bypass 0A

LOL Backdrop Rainbow at Crown 1 Rainbow balloon backdrop at Brisbane Convention

Some tips for reducing the number of colours:

  • For a scatter of balloons on a ceiling, you can always think of the ceiling colour as part of the theme.
  • You may decide that one of the colours you had in mind will not be done in balloons but in the colour of the ribbons.


  • When all the ribbons are of the same colour, it brings in a further sense of unity of design. This is particularly true when our customers do not particularly like the look of  the Silver or Gold Balloons colours: the sparkle of the metallic silver or gold ribbons is very satisfying. If you do not specify the colour of the ribbons, they will be matched to the balloons.

Corporate colours can override any other considerations of course, as well as themed decor:

4th July celebrations balloon column.

This page is dedicated to late Edelgard O’Kelly, one of the most wonderful Balloon Designers. Following are some of her most unforgettable creations:

Mother Day Balloon Bag display Eidlegard StarburstMother Day Flowers and Bug balloon display