Colour Chart

We use high quality and professional grade balloons and they come in all sorts of colours.

Crystal colours – the drama of stained glass – that glow with jewel like richness form a class of their own.

Metallic and pearl colours form the class of the satin finish, with the superb luster that only the soft diffusion of the light can create.

Fashion and pastel colours form the yummy class of solid finish, the former with the brightness of jelly beans, the later with the gentleness of sugar almonds.


Fashion Colours

Fashion Yellow
Fashion Wattle Gold
Fashion Orange
Fashion Red
Fashion Nude
Fashion Pink
Fashion Fuchsia
Fashion Lilac
Fashion Purple
Fashion Periwinkle
Fashion Royal Blue
Fashion Blue
Fashion Turquoise
Fashion Teal
Fashion Jade
Fashion Lime Green
Fashion Green
Fashion Forest Green
Fashion Chocolate
Fashion Black
Fashion White
Fashion Grey


Crystal Colours

Crystal Yellow
Crystal Orange
Crystal Red
Crystal Burgundy
Crystal Fuchsia
Crystal Purple
Crystal Blue
Crystal Green
Crystal Clear


Pearl Colours

Pearl White
Pearl Ivory
Pearl Yellow
Pearl Peach
Pearl Pink
Pearl Blue
Pearl Lilac
Pearl Green
Pearl Lime Green


Pastel Colours

Pastel Ivory
Pastel Yellow
Pastel Pink
Pastel Blue
Pastel Green
Pastel Lilac


Metallic Colours

Metallic Yellow
Metallic Orange
Metallic Red
Metallic Burgundy
Metallic Fuchsia
Metallic Purple
Metallic Blue
Metallic Green
Metallic Lime Green
Metallic Gold

Metallic  Chocolate

Metallic Black
Metallic Silver